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Tremolo Arm
Total tension trem
block system.
(no more loose arms)

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Tremolo Block Modification

The tremolo block on Fender guitars and many of the copy makes, rely on the thread inside the block which starts about 6mm from the top, to not only retain the tremolo arm but also to keep it tight and thereby hold it in position. After a few days use, however, the tremolo arm begins to rock in the threads and the arm swings all over the place, getting looser and looser the more the guitar is used. PTFE tape is often tried but is only a temporary solution, as is Loctite and Super-glue. Even fitting a small spring has little effect as the manufacturers have discovered but done nothing about. Because the manufacturers make the blocks totally by machine the tolerances of the hole and the threads are on the slack side and only make matters worse. New blocks available from some guitar shops with threads right up to the top of the block do not cure the problem. The 'EASY-MUTE' TREMOLO BLOCK MODIFICATION cures this once and for all and is available in two stages.
STAGE ONE:- The tremolo block is machined and the existing thread hole enlarged. A special insert is made by hand to exactly match the arm so that while the new thread retains the arm the upper 8mm of the insert forms a bearing with the shaft of the tremolo arm above its thread. This is then casehardened and pressed into the block. Now any movement is taken up by the bearing while the new thread holds the arm in place. The new bearing in the insert is so hard that it cannot be drilled or filed and the arm matched to it should be the only one used. If a larger diameter arm is to be fitted at a later stage, the insert can be removed by us, and a new matched replacement made and fitted.
STAGE TWO:- The tremolo block is machined and drilled and a spring/ball tensioner fitted into the block. By adjusting the Allen cap bolt fitted in the base of the tremolo block, (access being made via the back plastic cover plate) pressure can be applied to the bottom of the tremolo arm forcing it upward against the thread. This allows the arm to require only a light pressure to move it sideways while stopping it from swinging downwards once released. STAGE TWO is only available with STAGE ONE.
STAGE ONE:- £40:00*
STAGE TWO:- £35:00*
STAGE ONE & TWO:- Total tension system £70:00*
* For UK customers please add £10:00p to cover cost of return post/packing and Royal Mail Special Delivery. For Overseas customers, would they please contact us by phone or Email for their destination shipping charges.
NOTE: We need the tremolo block and arm in our workshop; the modifications cannot just be bought and fitted.

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Hank's Guitars fitted with the prototype arms and the total tension block
at the start of the 1998 tour.

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